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Company Details

Onest Tech believes in painting the perfect picture of your idea while maintaining industry standards and following upcoming trends. It is a professional software development company managed by tech-heads, engineers who are highly qualified in creating and solving issues of all kinds.

This software development company was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh on September 1, 2017 and since then, it has developed a relentless focus on technical achievement both nationally and internationally. So, you can certainly bet the farm as our expertise uses every muscle to provide dogmatic solutions, that results in best user experience with us.

This software agency consists of a group of tech-heads, designers, engineers and content specialists passionate about improving systems of all kinds. We offer software development and content management services worldwide from small to big organizations.

What Onest Tech Stands for

Our top-priorities are to resolve issues that businesses/companies generally have to face as well as to establish contented relationships with our clients while we’re at it.

We are always ready to take on challenges that our customers face within and across their game plan and provide them with practical, pragmatic and robust solutions to address those challenges.

Simplifying the matters and making great software out of it to assist our users is the single goal that drives us. Design, development, testing, deployment, content and anything in between those clearly defined roles – We get IT all done!

Who Onest Tech is for

Onest Tech is for businesses of all sorts, regardless of their stature. Whether it is a small start-up or a large organization, both parties can equally benefit upon the usage of our specialized business Solutions.

We treat all our clients with utmost respect and importance, meaning that the size of the business or the company has no overall effect on the service that we intend to provide. We aim to make sure that our service is a pleasant experience for everyone.

Our Mission & Vision

We, the Onest Tech team, work relentlessly to improve our standards and to retain our values, which are as follows :

  • To create a positive impression in the Software Development industry.

  • To establish long-lasting relationships with all of our valued clients - existing and prospective.

  • To solidify the fundamental aspects that ensure the longevity and betterment of our business operations.

  • To simplify and make everyday tasks much more easier for businesses/companies by digitizing all aspects that are essential for running a successful business, which would otherwise be much more difficult to accomplish.

  • Being the first name that comes to everyone’s minds when thinking about a reliable and capable Software Developing platform for the execution of their business ideas and initiatives

Our services include :

  • Offering continuous support to our valued clients through every step of the procedure.

  • Meeting all the requirements of our clients and customizing the existing Software as per their demand.

  • Setting up meetings with clients to have a firm understanding of their requirements and effectively strengthening our relationship with them.

  • Full support provided for Server Configuration and Setup, branding logo/banner replacement, App Publishing & other necessary installation.

  • Answering any queries our valued clients may have, as well as resolving their issues/concerns accordingly.

Why Choose US

The Onest Tech team genuinely believes that we are the right choice for you. We are positive about the fact that you will enjoy working with us and will most definitely be satisfied with the outcome. Our purpose is to transition your ideas into reality and we will make sure not to disappoint!


If you’re still not sold, here are more reasons as to why you should choose us.

  • Experienced and skilled developers.

  • Tailored solutions for specific business needs.

  • Strong project management and communication.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Ongoing maintenance and support.

Founding Members

Onest Tech was primarily founded by XXXX with great belief and high expectations in the long-run. The initiative had further progressed after the formation of a team full of dedicated professionals in the field of their respective tasks.

The company has been consistently elevating its performance and has proven itself to be more than just a prospect in terms of fulfilling the goals set for the near future. Listed below are the names of the few members who had believed in the start of this immense initiative.

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