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What is the Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) is a software that makes life easier for just about any business with a plan to grow further.

The software has many features that allow a business to be organized and maintain a professional structure. With the help of the HRM software, you can supervise employees by keeping track of their performance, designate specialized tasks to multiple departments, communicate in a much more effective and efficient manner, handle payroll, tax, loan and so much more!

Objectives of Human Resource Management System

  • Effective and Efficient Communication

  • Enhanced Management System

  • Accurate information regarding company personnel

  • Alleviate Business Operations

  • Disciplined and Professional work environment

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction

  • Fluent designation of tasks

  • Better Decision Making process

Importance of Human Resource Management System

It is quite clear how the HRM software plays a very crucial role in the operation of a business due to the many advantages the solution grants. Hence, in this section, we will further discuss in detail regarding the important aspects of the Human Resource Management System.

Employee Management

Employees’ Attendance, Leaves, Payroll, Reports, Performance, Projects & Tasks can all be evaluated through the convenience of the HRM software.

SAll the necessary information regarding the company personnel can be viewed and accessed at any time giving the admin ample idea about the workforce of the company. This feature is of utmost importance as it lets you analyze the overall performance of your workforce which is essentially the backbone of any business.

Increased Profitability & Productivity

The HRM software increases the scope of profitability without a doubt as it alleviates workload drastically, meaning that the business is now more productive than ever as it gets more done within a much less time frame. Time is money!

Enhanced Management

Manage payrolls, taxes, loans, attendance and many more. The HRM solution gives you all you need to have solid grip over an organization.

All the crucial information is readily available with the click of a few buttons and it is as reliable as it is accurate. You will possess all the critical knowledge and not a single detail will be missed upon proper usage and navigation of the software. Knowledge is power!

Strict Supervision

Supervise like never before with the company of our HRM software. Employees will be more driven towards their work as they know that their overall performance is being strictly monitored, leaving no room for slacking around during work hours and motivating them to get the job done.

Effective Communication

Communication is a vital element for the success of any organization and the HRM software is prominent when it comes to communicating effectively.

Get in touch with your employees and notify them about important meetings, notices, tasks and other relevant concerns. On top of that, make sure the necessary departments/personnel are updated with the help of Real Time Notifications. In case of any emergencies, you can even make calls as all the contact details of the employees will be present in the software.

Strategize with Confidence

When you have our HRM software as your weapon to tackle the infamous pressures and workload of the corporate world, there is no reason to lack confidence. With all the information readily available and within your reach, you can strategize accordingly and propel the standards of your business to the next level.

Proper Recruitment

It is known how important the recruitment process is for a company, as you are not only recruiting someone to do the job, but to do the job in such a way through which the company is benefited and not the other way around.

With the help of the HRM software, the recruitment process is a whole lot easier and becomes less of a hassle, enabling you to hire the right employees for the right tasks.

Incentive Management

Track the top performing employees of each month and incentivize them, encouraging them to keep performing to the best of their abilities. Employee motivation is integral and for the most part, parallel to how a business performs. Demotivated employees will certainly mean that a company’s productivity will significantly decrease.

Professional Work Environment

The HRM software promotes professionalism as it encourages the company personnel to abide by its rules and regulations. Employees will have to arrive in time and Check-In for the system to recognize their attendance and vice versa.

Additionally, if the employees want to go on a break, they will have to do so through the system. Essentially, all the information about an employee’s activities are recorded in the software and therefore, they will be penalized if the etiquettes are not followed.


Above the many existing and amazing features of the HRM software, there still lies additional features that catapults a business from the way it normally functions and evolves it to the next stage. Up until this point the software was still in its preliminary stages, but with the addition of these advanced features, our HRM software becomes second to none!

  • Admin/HR will set specific location within any radius

  • Employee will be able to Check-In only under the radius of that specific location

  • Admin/HR will be able to set multiple Area for Attendance

  • Combine with your existing App and Web panel

  • Admin/HR will set specific IP

  • Employee will be able to Check-In only when connected with specific IP

  • Admin/HR will be able to set multiple IP for attendance

  • Combine with your existing App and Web panel

  • Track Employees’ live location (Work mode-Office or Home)

  • Track live location of employees during their Check-In/Check-Out time

  • Track live location of employees during break time/outdoor meetings

  • Combine with your existing App and Web panel

  • Admin/HR will set specific QR code

  • Employee will be able to Check-In only after scanning that specific QR code

  • Admin/HR will be able to set multiple QR Codes for multiple branches

  • Combine with your existing App and Web panel

  • Set up your official meetings with the employees or clients in a video conference

  • Set up separate meetings with the managers or leaders of your company

  • Easily Live chat with Individuals/Team Leaders/Managers with more features like screen sharing, unlimited recording and so on

  • Combine with your existing App and Web panel

  • Admin/HR will set Face Recognition System

  • Able to scan face with any devices to login & logout

  • Admin/HR will be able to set Face Recognition System for Multiple Branches

  • Combine with your existing App and Web panel

  • Different Companies Can Choose Different Packages Based On Their Employee Number

  • Subscription Package Depends On Existing Number Of Employees

  • Use Stripe Payment Gateway Only For Transaction Process

  • Maintain More Than One Company At Once, Analyze Potential Growth & Activities


Take a clear look at our existing features which are key to unlocking the maximum managerial potential of your business operations.

  • All
  • Dashboard
  • Employee Attendance
  • Support 24/7
  • Notice List
  • Manage Expense
  • Manage Leave
  • Manage Phonebook
  • Outdoor Visit
  • Manage Appointment
  • Break Time
  • Daily Leave
  • User List
  • Attendance setup
  • Holiday setup
  • Weekend setup
  • Performance
  • Announcement
  • Report
  • Settings

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