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The Onest Academy Learning Management System is the ultimate solution to online learning. Absolutely anyone can participate and educate themselves on their topic of interest via the courses available on the specific subject within the educational platform. The teachers will be able to upload their respective courses through the Educator Panel as the students operate under the Learner Panel. The Admin has access to the dedicated Admin Panel and can control all aspects regarding the Learning Management Software Solution (LMS).



With all the key components implemented, we tick all the boxes when it comes to achieving a fully functioning, successful, and seamless Learning Management System. Below are some of the very important features which make the Onest Academy LMS Solution robust and highly advanced.


For Educators


Course Creation and Management

Educators can create and manage online courses, including the addition of multimedia content such as videos, audio, and images.

Student Enrollment and Tracking

Educators are able to enroll students and track their progress through courses and assessments.

Assessment and Quizzes

Educators also have the ability of creating and grading assessments, quizzes, and exams.

Reporting and Analytics

Generating reports and analytics on student performance, course completion rates, and other metrics.


Educators are capable of incorporating gamification elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to increase engagement and motivation of the students.


Educators can open chat rooms, wikis and discussion forums to establish further collaboration and communication with the students.

Commission Facilities for Teachers

Compensation/Reward system for teachers on the platform that are providing courses and educational content for the students to learn. This further incentivizes teachers for delivering high-quality educational materials.

For Learners


Course Access

Students are able to access courses and course materials online as per their convenience.

Personalized Learning

Allows students to progress at their own pace and choose courses based on their interests and learning styles.

Learning Progress Tracking

Enables students to track their progress through courses and assessments, including completion rates and grades.

Assessment and Testing

Provides tools for students to take assessments, quizzes, and exams, and receive instant feedback on their performance.

Convenient delivery of Education

Provides a convenient and flexible way for students to access and complete courses and assessments, regardless of their location.

Course feedback and rating

Students are able to give their feedback after they have completed a course.



The Onest Academy LMS is compatible with mobile devices, meaning that both students and teachers can seamlessly use the software whenever and wherever they are, as per their convenience. The Software is fully functional on mobile devices and consists of all the aforementioned features.

Let/’s dive deeper and see in full what the Mobile Version has to offer.

Mobile Compatibility


Responsive Design

The LMS interface is thoroughly optimized for different screen sizes and devices, making it easy to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Mobile App

Provides a native mobile app for students and teachers to access and use the LMS on their mobile devices, offering a convenient and seamless experience.

Offline Access

Allows students to access course content and assessments even when they are offline, and automatically syncs with the LMS when an internet connection is available.

Push Notifications

Sends push notifications to students’ mobile devices to remind them of upcoming assessments, quizzes, exams, new course materials, and other important information.

The Onest Academy LMS Solution truly provides users with all the aspects for a full-fledged and effective LMS software

Listed below are all the integral aspects which solidify our LMS Solution and give users the reassurance they look for in order to dedicatedly continue using our brilliant Software without second-guessing its quality and capabilities.

  • The system is very much capable of handling high volume of users in case of heavy growth.

  • The platform is highly user-friendly and intuitive, giving users an enjoyable experience as they navigate through the software.

  • The system is stable and protected from all sorts of external threats. All data is stored, secured, and can be backed up. The data cannot be trespassed without valid authentication.

  • The LMS software is convenient for all users, teachers and students alike. It saves time and energy as opposed to the conventional way of learning.

  • The Onest Academy LMS Solution is drastically less costly in comparison to physical educational institutions.

  • Allows administrators to perform regular system maintenance tasks, such as updating software and backing up data.

  • The Software is customizable and additional features can be integrated upon demand.

  • Administrators are provided with technical support, including access to a knowledge base, online documentation, and support forums.

  • Integrates with payment processing systems to enable administrators to manage payments for course enrollments, subscriptions, and other transactions.