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Make Your Business Profitable On The Go

Our Fleet Management System makes life easier for any transport manager across the world. Supervising vehicles’ operations, maintenance, expenses as well as driver behavior, can all be made possible with the help of our Moving Billboard Software.

  • Use our highly accurate GPS technology to track the location and movement of vehicles in real time.

  • Track and monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles under operation. This helps identify ways to improve fuel efficiency, essentially reducing fuel costs!

  • Plan and manage the movement of vehicles in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Minimize idle time and improve the productivity of the active fleet.

  • Coordinate the movement of vehicles in order to meet the needs of the transportation operation.

  • Organize the maintenance and repair of vehicles, equipment and other assets in order to ensure that they are in good working order and capable of performing their intended functions.

  • Monitor the behavior of drivers while they are operating vehicles, with the goal of safety and reducing accidents. Collect data on factors such as speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering.


With the help of the Moving Billboard Software Solution gives you the edge when it comes to marketing and advertising your company. Your brand logo will be displayed on the vehicles as stickers to establish a positive impression when observed by the general public.

Reach more people

The aim of our software is to help businesses get more recognition. Promote your business and watch it grow rapidly as you gain publicity via our moving billboard solution.

Monitor your success

You can easily monitor your areas of advertisement that have been covered by the drivers. This is very effective when it comes to analyzing and researching the market for your business.

Low cost advertising

Great deals! Purchase our different types of advertising packages at amazingly low rates.


Cloud based system

With a cloud-based system, you can access your vehicle data from any device with an internet connection, so you can manage your fleet from anywhere. By using a cloud-based system, you can streamline your vehicle management processes and make it easier to track and maintain your vehicles, essentially improving the efficiency of your fleet and reducing costs.

Full administrator management portal

Manage and configure the various settings and features of the system. The administrator management portal typically provides access to a wide range of functions, such as User management, Vehicle management, Maintenance management and many more. Overall, the administrator management portal is a key component of a vehicle management system, as it provides the administrator with the tools they need to effectively manage and track the fleet.

Agency management portal

Agencies or organizations can manage and track their fleet of vehicles. The agency management portal typically provides access to a range of features such as Vehicle tracking, Reporting, Alerts & Notifications and more.

Advertiser management portal

Manage advertisements on the vehicles and grow your business passively as the vehicles are driven with the company logo/products related to your business in the version of stickers/vinyls, effectively translating to Moving Billboards. The advertiser management portal consists of the following features:

  • Ad placement: Advertisers can select the vehicles on which they want to display their ads and specify the duration of the ad campaign.

  • Ad tracking: Advertisers can track the performance of their ads, such as how many times the ad was viewed or how many clicks it received.

Payment management

Manage payments for various aspects of the vehicle fleet, such as vehicle rentals, maintenance, and repairs using various payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers. Track payment history and generate invoices and receipts. You can also set up payment reminders to ensure payments are made on time.

Map based interface to draw geo-fences

This feature allows you to define virtual boundaries or “geo-fences” on a map, using a web-based interface. Geo-fencing is a location-based technology that uses GPS, RFID or cellular data to create a virtual boundary around a real-world location. Track the location of vehicles and set up alerts to be triggered when a device enters or exits the geo-fence.

Vehicle management page

The vehicle management page is a central location for managing and tracking your vehicles. Be more efficient and mitigate costs of managing your fleet.

Enroll and register control boxes

Control boxes are essentially devices that are installed in vehicles to track and transmit various types of data, such as location, speed and vehicle performance. By enrolling and registering control boxes in the vehicle management system, you can begin to track and manage your vehicles using the data transmitted to the control boxes.

Track last location of the control box

You can view the last location of the control box in the vehicle management system by accessing the system and viewing the data transmitted by the control box. By tracking the last location of the control box, you can get an idea of where the vehicle was last seen and how it has been moving. This can be useful for tracking the location and movements of vehicles, as well as for diagnosing problems or issues with the vehicle.

Reporting and Tracking

Analyze data about your vehicle fleet. With the reporting and tracking feature, you can view and analyze data such as vehicle location and movement, vehicle performance, driver behavior and vehicle usage, as to how your vehicles are being used, including how many miles they have driven, how much fuel they have consumed and how much time they have spent on the road.