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Play Music according to your mood and set the tone for the day ahead.


Personalized Playlists

Compile all your favorite songs of your favorite artists and put them in your very own personalized and customizable playlist. You can create as many playlists and share those with other people so that they can listen to whatever music you’re into! You can also access pre-made playlists curated by the app itself or other users.

Suggested Artists

Recommendations of artists who make songs similar to your music taste or what you have been listening to the most lately. Get to know more artists through the Onest Music App and find new favorites!

Trending Songs and Popular Albums

See what’s hot and what’s not. Listen to the songs which are trending as of the moment and catch up with everyone else! You can also view the Albums which are widely recognized and popular to this day.

Best of Artists

Get to hear the hit songs of popular artists and listen to some of their all time best tracks.


The Genres section enables you to view all the genres of music that are available up to this day. From Hiphop, Country, Jazz. Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Disco, Electro, Opera, Folk and so much more. It is up to you to decide what you want to listen to as all the options are laid out for you!

Live Streaming & Podcasts

The Live Streaming feature allows users to listen to Live Audio Broadcasts, such as concerts, DJ sets, or talk shows, in real time! Podcasts can be streamed as well and can also be downloaded when using the Premium feature.

Offline Listening

Download your playlist and listen to songs OFFLINE with the Premium Version of Onest Music. As soon as you subscribe to the Premium Version, you instantly gain access to listen to music without the need of internet connection.

Online Community

Offers an online platform for members to connect, interact, engage with each other and share information.

Unlimited Skips, On-Demand Playback and so much more!

Skip songs without any limit and enjoy listening to songs however you wish without having to maintain a specific order along with many other amazing features which elevate your experience to the very next level!



Amazing UI/UX

The Dashboard is designed to achieve optimum ease-of-access and user experience. Users will have a great time as they navigate through the Software due to its sheer simplicity and extremely eye-catchy design.


The Dashboard has a multitude of options which enable the users to personalize it as per their liking, such as being able to organize their playlists in regards to the order of the songs in a specific playlist, name, and even the picture of playlists. Users are also able to write descriptions for each of their playlists so that other users can get much more of an idea as to what type of song it consists of, and can also tag their favorite songs by clicking on the dedicated icon next to the song name.

Loop and Lyrics

Put songs on an infinite loop by clicking on the loop feature and vibe harder as you can view the lyrics of each song that you’re listening to. The lyrics are displayed accurately, and it automatically progresses to match the current stage of the song.

Playlist statistics

Users can also view the total number of songs that a certain playlist consists of as well as the total duration of all the songs combined. Curate your playlist and know how much progress you have made so far. You can also see the date of when you added a specific song to your playlist as well as the name of the Album the song is from.


You can even create a temporary queue of songs that you want to listen to by simply adding a song to a queue with the help of the “Add to Queue” feature, which can easily be done by clicking on the dedicated icon next to the song name.