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Ease of Access

Our software has been designed in such a way that ensures no complications and guarantees user-friendliness as well as ease of access, both for the admin and the customer.

Robust Security

Our eCommerce solution has powerful security measures in place to protect sensitive customer data. The system also regularly backs up data to prevent loss in case of a disaster or cyber attack.


The Software is highly customizable and the specific needs/requirements of a business can be met without a sweat.


The Onest eCommerce Software is able to handle an increase in traffic and sales as a business grows. Regardless of the stature of your business, our Software is fit to deliver whatever it is that you are looking to achieve.


Integrate with other tools and platforms that you use, such as accounting software or email marketing tools. Our software is extremely diverse and flexible, and you can further enhance it by integrating it with your desired aspects.

Smooth & Fluent Operation

The Software is very responsive and the users will not have any difficulties or technical issues whilst operating it. Users as well as Admins can navigate through the Software in a smooth and fluent manner without any interruptions or so, which essentially equates to a great user experience.

Spick & Span Design

Download your playlist and listen to songs OFFLINE with the Premium Version of Onest Music. As soon as you subscribe to the Premium Version, you instantly gain access to listen to music without the need of internet connection.

Reliable Support

We offer reliable support in case you have any issues or questions. Our dedicated and relentless support team is at your service 24/7, so reach out to us without any hesitation!


Inventory Management

With the help of the Inventory Management module, you will be able to track and manage your product inventory. Be aware of the stock levels, set reorder points and generate reports. Be notified when the stock of a certain product is low, so that it can be restocked by the time it has completely run out of stock. Additionally, generate reports on your inventory levels, sales and other relevant data to help you make informed business decisions.

Payment processing

This module enables you to accept and process online payments from customers. Our software supports multiple payment methods and ensures that a customer’s payment information is securely transmitted and stored. Furthermore, it uses tools such as fraud filters and risk assessments to prevent fraudulent transactions. You can also keep track of customers’ payment history as well as their past transactions.

Order fulfillment

Allows you to manage the process of fulfilling orders, including tracking shipments and handling returns. Additionally, you can also integrate the Software with shipping carriers to calculate shipping rates and generate shipping labels. Also, our eCommerce Solution sends automated emails to customers to keep them informed of the status of their orders.

Customer Management

Helps you to keep track of customer information, such as contact details and the history of items that they have purchased from your eCommerce platform.

Marketing & Promotions

The Marketing & Promotions module allows you to create and manage marketing campaigns and promotions to attract and retain customers. This establishes a positive brand image of your business and will eventually pool in more clients, making your business more profitable as more people have knowledge of your company’s existence and service.

Analytics & Reporting

Provides data and insights to help you track the performance of your business and make rational business decisions. This module is very important as this allows you to study the statistics and behavior of your business, which can then give you enough information to strategize your approach, enabling you to be perspicacious and well informed.

Effective Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is the foundation of any Software as without it, you cannot have an effective control over any Softwares in general. We have designed the Admin Panel in such a way that it guarantees effectiveness as well as efficiency in terms of how you operate your eCommerce business. The Admin is user-friendly and gives you all the necessary information regarding your business.


Virtual Shopping Cart feature

The Shopping Cart feature allows customers to add products to a virtual “cart” as they browse the website. It allows customers to keep track of the items they would like to purchase, and it also includes options such as quantity and size. Customers can then proceed to checkout, where they can review their order and complete the payment process.

Mobile optimization

The Mobile optimization feature allows customers to easily shop from their mobile devices. This is a feature that makes the whole process a lot more convenient as people can order from anywhere and at any time as long as they have an internet connection.

Multilingual and multi-currency support

Enables you to sell to customers around the world by supporting multiple languages and currencies. This widens your market/consumer base as you can then have access to international clients and not just the native ones.

Social Media Integration

This feature allows you to promote your products on social media platforms and make it easy for customers to share your products with their friends and followers.

Customer reviews & ratings

Allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for your products, which can help build trust and increase sales. Customer loyalty is one of the key ingredients for a business to be successful, and if the frequency of positive reviews are more, then you are bound to have a higher number of loyal customers.

Abandoned cart recovery

Sends abandoned cart emails to customers who have added items to their cart but have not completed the purchase, in an attempt to recover lost sales. This feature is paramount and an amazing way to remind and encourage the customer to buy their intended products.

Product variants and options

Allows you to offer different variations of your products, such as different sizes or colors. This encourages customers to shop more!

Upsell & cross-sell

Recommends related or complementary products to customers in order to influence them to purchase additional items.