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The Onest School Management Solution brings forth a variety of aspects which doubles the standards of how any educational platform functions on a daily basis. Revolutionize the conventional methods of managing your educational entity by digitizing the day-to-day operations.

  • Using our School Management System is as simple as it gets. The User-Interface has been developed in such a way that avoids all complicacies and confusions when using our Software./p>

  • Our Software is very reliable as it performs consistently without experiencing frequent errors or downtime. Reliability is very important for Schools as it can help ensure the important tasks and completion of processes smoothly and without interruption.

  • The Information received from our Software is precise. Whatever data you receive is the accurate and up-to-date information about students, staff, and other aspects of your school operation.

  • Our School Management Solution establishes an effective and efficient communication between students, guardians & teachers. This helps guarantee that all parties are informed and updated about important events and information related to the school.

  • Our School Management System Solution alleviates the workload that all School Managements have to deal with. It makes work a whole lot easier and saves time by a large margin. Implement the most out of our software to execute professional managerial prowess.


Online Classes & Admissions

With the help of our proficient Software, students can attend classes virtually while maintaining the atmosphere of an actual classroom. The admission process can be managed through our software too, as applications, admissions testing, and acceptance letters can all be handled online.

School Bus Tracking System

OParents and guardians are able to track the location of the School Bus that their child/children are in, with the help of GPS technology for utmost convenience. This can be useful for a number of reasons, including ensuring the safety of students who are being transported to and from school, and improving the efficiency of the bus transportation system.

Biometric Integration

Biometric Integration allows the system to track attendance of the students, guardians, teachers, staff and other school personnel. It also allows monitoring of students’ movements throughout the school. It also improves security as it reduces the risk of frauds and errors and makes it easier for students and staff to access the resources and facilities they need.

Virtual Payment

Digitizing the payment procedure makes the School Management System all the more convenient as we all know how important that is in today's world. One of the main benefits is convenience - with Virtual Payment, students and parents can make payments from anywhere, at any time, using a variety of different devices.

Short Message Service (SMS)

The SMS feature is a fast, efficient and reliable way of communication especially with large groups of people. For instance, if there is an important notice, such as the School being closed on a working day due to some external reasons, all the parents/students can be informed via the help of SMS. It is also a more reliable way of communicating as the messages are often read within minutes of being received, which can be helpful especially in the case of emergency situations.

Student Information Management

Student Information Management helps administrators and teachers to manage student records and track student progress. Management of schedules for classes, exams, grades, and other student-related activities can all be accessed/viewed with the help of this important feature.

Attendance Tracking System

This feature enables administrators and teachers to track student attendance and absences, and generate reports on attendance trends.

Real-Time Notification System

With the convenience of our School Management System Software, students, teachers, and parents can be informed and kept up-to-date on important events and announcements. Notifying students and parents of schedule changes, such as the time of a class or an after-school activity, sending reminders about upcoming events,quizzes or assignments to students and teachers as well as alerting parents when their child is absent from school.


Better record-keeping

By storing records digitally, it is easier to search for and access specific documents. Digital records take up less physical space and are less likely to get lost or damaged. Additionally, the built-in data validation checks to ensure that all required fields are completed and that the data entered is accurate.

Increased Security

Digital records can be stored securely and backed up regularly to prevent data loss due to system failures or other disasters.

Improved Efficiency

Upon the implementation of our amazing School Management Solution, you can guarantee increased efficiency as all the difficult and time consuming tasks such as scheduling, record keeping and other administrative tasks are handled, allowing you teachers and staff to focus on other tasks.

Enhanced Communication

The Onest School Management System Software greatly amplifies communication between students, guardians and teachers, which can reduce the need for meetings and other in-person interactions, saving time and resources.

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce the amount of paper used, which can save money on printing and storage costs. Also, our School Management Solution helps schools save money by reducing the need for manual labor and other resources.