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We are Onest Tech

Welcome to Onest Tech, a professional Software Developing company located in Bangladesh that had set foot in the industry on the 1st of September, 2017. Onest Tech aims to achieve the highest standards in terms of quality of service and client satisfaction, and establish worldwide recognition as one of the best Software Development firms there is. We work on ensuring that our service is proficient, user-friendly and up-to-date with the latest technologies implemented.

Onesttech, We are more than just honored to have given service to hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients, both national & international, with a multitude of projects done and delivered in a successful manner as per the demands of our customers. Businesses and enterprises of any stature, regardless of their size, will reap utmost benefits and advantages upon having worked with us.

PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, ReactJS, NodeJS, Docker, Ionic & PuppeteerJS are few of the many programming languages, libraries, frameworks & models we thrive in. Our diversity and sheer knowledge of softwares will guarantee positive development even if a company is built from the ground up.

Some of our products such as the ONEST HRM, The Dhakdhol Music Software Service and the ONEST Sales ERP system are essentially the seals of approval in regards to the work we do.

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