ECommerce Solutions

One of Onesttech's many strong sides is developing robust, seamless and high-end ECommerce Solutions. We make sure to come up with effective ECommerce platforms for advanced operation of online stores and shopping. Below is the process we maintain to ensure outstanding ECommerce Solutions to uplift your online business operations. Our Work Process: • Conceptualization and Planning • Design and User Experience (UX) • Development • Testing • Launch • Iterative Improvements

Conceptualization and Planning

Our Developers engage with you to further understand your business objectives, target market, and unique requirements for the development of the ECommerce Solution. To do so, we conduct meetings to really understand what you’re looking for, so that we can transfer your sentiments into the development of the website to make it as accurate as possible. The planning stage, as usual, consists of the project scope, objectives, deliverables, and timeline. A detailed project plan is created, outlining the tasks, milestones, and responsibilities of the development team. It is important that our Clients are as open-minded with us as we are to them, since it really helps us to grasp the concept of their ideas and makes it easier for us to visualize the end-product. We aim for excellence and do not want to settle for anything less than that, as we think that’s the service our Clients deserve and expect from us. Our team may also conduct research on our client’s competitors in order to identify industry trends, which further amplify the quality of our work. This also helps us to make the website unique and standout in the industry our client’s business operates in. We want our clients to excel with the support of our solutions, tailored specifically for them to aid their business operations.

Design and User Experience (UX)

Our proficient UI/UX designers collaborate with our developers to come up with a blueprint of your ECommerce Solution, which makes the process of development much easier as our developers can follow the design layouts to have a firm idea of what the end product may look like. We ensure that every aspect of the design process is thoroughly covered, resulting in a visually appealing, user-friendly, and impactful solution that drives business success and exceeds client expectations.


Our developer team creates the UI (User Interface) that visitors of the website will interact with. Responsive design principles are followed to make sure that the ECommerce Solution shows properly on all screens, across different devices, giving the viewers of the website a great experience. While backend Development focuses on the server-side functionality of the website which the visitors do not have access to. This includes setting up the web server, configuring the database, and implementing server-side logic using the relevant programming languages. The backend takes care of aspects such as user authentication, data processing, and managing the website’s content with ease.  We make sure that our clients find it very simple and easy to navigate and operate the backend systems to make the necessary adjustments from their side once the system has been launched and is fully under their control. Our developer team strictly focuses on the convenience of our Clients above all else. It is very important to us that the solutions solve our clients’ problems instead of creating more.


The Primary objective of the testing phase for the website that we have developed based on your requirements is to make sure that the website functions as intended, and is compatible across different environments. Meticulous testing helps in identifying any issues or errors, ensuring that the final and end product is high quality and delivers an optimal user experience.


After the development and required testing has been done, we deploy the website to a web server or hosting platform. This process consists of configuring the server, setting up domain names, and making sure all the mandatory configurations are in check in order for the website to run smoothly as intended!

Iterative Improvements

The process doesn't end with the ECommerce Solution's launch. We believe in continuous improvement and enhancement. By collecting user data, analyzing analytics, and monitoring user feedback, we gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. This valuable information guides us in making iterative design updates over time to keep the website/mobile application fresh, relevant, and aligned with the latest trends and technologies.