Web Development

At Onesttech, we create and develop high-quality website platforms for businesses of all sorts, be it startups or enterprise level firms.  Our quality of work stays the same regardless of our Clients’ business status. We guarantee the development of top-notch websites which have clear and intuitive navigation, responsive designs, fast load times, and are visually appealing as well as highly secure.

Additionally, our users have the freedom to add tons of features to their websites depending on their needs, such as Social Media Integrations, which allows the integration of social media buttons and feeds to share content easily and enhance their website’s social presence. Furthermore, our websites have mobile-friendly design, meaning that users who view the website using mobile devices also have a great user experience!

We focus on continuous improvement by following an iterative review process to ensure that our clients are having no issues with the website. On top of that, we make sure that our web solutions are scalable, in order to smoothly handle a drastic increase in user loads. 

Technology Stack : PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, JavaScript, JQuery, React, VueJs, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Fastify, MongoDB, MySQL, RabbitSQL 

Our Work Process :
• Project Discovery & Planning
• Information Architecture & Wireframing
• Frontend & Backend Development
• Database Design & Implementation
• Testing and Quality Assurance
• Deployment

Project Discovery & Planning

Our Developer team collaborates with you to understand your business objectives, target market, and unique requirements for the development of the website. To do so, we conduct meetings to really understand what you’re looking for, so that we can transfer your sentiments into the development of the website to make it as accurate as possible. The planning stage, as usual, consists of the project scope, objectives, deliverables, and timeline. A detailed project plan is created, outlining the tasks, milestones, and responsibilities of the development team.
It is important that our Clients are as open-minded with us as we are to them, since it really helps us to grasp the concept of their ideas and makes it easier for us to visualize the end-product. We aim for excellence and do not want to settle for anything less than that, as we think that’s the service our Clients deserve and expect from us. 

Our team may also conduct research on our client’s competitors in order to identify industry trends, which further amplify the quality of our work. This also helps us to make the website unique and standout in the industry our client’s business operates in. We want our clients to excel with the support of our solutions, tailored specifically for them to aid their business operations.

Information Architecture & Wireframing

Organizing the website’s content and conceptualizing the site’s structure and navigation is extremely important as this makes the visualization aspect easier and enables our developers to establish a better understanding of the clients’ website. The visual detail aspect is not as important at this stage as our developers just need a rough idea of what our client is looking for and what makes things easier for them. This essentially serves as a blueprint for the design and development process, ensuring a clear and intuitive user experience.

By combining a profound information architecture with well-designed wireframes, our developers are able to create a website that delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience, promoting engagement and positive interactions with the content and functionality provided.

This process allows our developers to be efficient and makes the whole process of web development much faster, keeping both parties satisfied as progress is made and ideas become much more clear and coagulated.

Frontend & Backend Development

Frontend development involves translating the rough visual designs (wireframes) into actual code using the appropriate web technologies. Our development team creates the UI (User Interface) that visitors of the website will interact with. Responsive design principles are followed to make sure that the website shows properly on all screens, across different devices, giving the viewers of the website a great experience.

While Backend Development focuses on the server-side functionality of the website which the visitors do not have access to. This includes setting up the web server, configuring the database, and implementing server-side logic using the relevant programming languages. The backend takes care of aspects such as user authentication, data processing, and managing the website’s content with ease. 

We make sure that our clients find it very simple and easy to navigate and operate the backend systems to make the necessary adjustments from their side once the system has been launched and is fully under their control.

Our developer team strictly focuses on the convenience of our Clients above all else. It is very important to us that the solutions solve our clients’ problems instead of creating more.

Database Design & Implementation

A database is designed and implemented for websites that require data storage. The database stores and manages website content, user information, and other relevant data, and also ensures scalability as the website increases in traffic.

Our developers have to choose the appropriate database management system depending on the website’s requirements, and the type of data that is to be stored.

Implementing a strong backup and disaster recovery strategy is crucial to protect the website against data loss. Backups are taken and stored in secure locations to ensure the recovery of data in the event of a system failure.

Additionally, sensitive data such as user passwords and payment information, should be encrypted to make sure that it is safeguarded from unauthorized access. Also, restricting access to the database to authorized users or roles is important for data security.

Our developers continuously monitor the database, which helps them to spot potential issues. Performance optimization techniques, such as query optimization and database tuning are applied to enhance the database’s responsiveness.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The Primary objective of the testing phase for the website that we have developed based on your requirements is to make sure that the website functions as intended, and is compatible across different environments. Meticulous testing helps in identifying any issues or errors, ensuring that the final and end product is high quality and delivers an optimal user experience.

User Interface Testing 

UI Testing focuses on the visual aspects and user interface of the website. Our developers need to make sure that the design is consistent, user-friendly and aligned with the client’s design approval.

Performance Testing

This evaluates the website’s overall responsiveness, speed, and stability under different circumstances. Load testing and stress testing is conducted to assess how the website performs under increased user loads or heavy traffic.

Security Testing

Security Testing aims to identify weaknesses in the website and prevent unauthorized access.

Cross-browser Testing

This test is done to make sure that the website appears and functions consistently across different web browsers.

Mobile Testing

This test is done to ensure that the website appears, responds and functions just as well on mobile devices, as a lot of users access websites via their smartphones and tablets.

Regression Testing  

Regression Testing is done to ensure that all the adjustments done to the website are working as intended without any side effects that impact the existing functions and features. 


After the development and required testing has been done, we deploy the website to a web server or hosting platform. This process consists of configuring the server, setting up domain names, and making sure all the mandatory configurations are in check in order for the website to run smoothly as intended!